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Banks Dreading Computer Hacks Call For Cyber War Council - Yahoo Finance

Computer intrusions have been a concern of territorial plus little banks. Camden Fine, president of the Independent Community Bankers of America, mentioned today which an account-draining cyberattack is "a question of when." He predicted the government might need to grapple with difficult issues including whether the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. might cover any losses. Train Wreck' "When it does result, the hue and cry might increase," Fine wrote inside an email. "Who will be liable? What usually the FDIC do? It is like watching a train wreck in the generating and there is nothing that you can do to stop it." The Sifma document, whilst noting that the coordination between industry plus government on cyber threats has anxiety disorder improved inside recent years, said a joint council might provide a more focused response. The government-industry group would develop plans for "much faster, close real-time" dissemination of info from agencies to the private sector and methods to "actively protect the industry" if preparations for a cyber attack are noticed ahead of time. Sifma is equally looking "pre-discussed plus mutually understood protocols" for the industry to request government help throughout and after an attack. Pre-emptive Strike Representative Alan Grayson, a Florida Democrat, mentioned now he was worried that industry members inside these a joint group may improperly get concerned in pre-emptive strikes against a individual or state planning an attack on the U.S. "This can in effect make the banks element of what might begin to resemble a war council," Grayson mentioned inside an e-mail. "Congress must keep an eye about what anything like this might signify." In its proposal, Sifma additionally called for better security for the U.S.

Grimes releases first TV advertisement focusing about McConnell | Local News | Kentucky.com

It is the first in a series which might feature Kentuckians asking important questions of McConnell, the campaign mentioned inside a news launch. "Unlike Mitch McConnell, Alison Lundergan Grimes is running to safeguard and strengthen key programs for the seniors," the campaign said. "Alison believes inside keeping our guarantees to our nation's seniors while keeping these programs for the kids and grandchildren." Republicans responded by saying which Grimes has voiced support for the federal wellness care law pushed by President Barack Obama, that cuts about $700 billion from Medicare over 10 years by tweaking payment formulations for health care providers. "It states a lot about the candidacy of Alison Lundergan Grimes that she's a full four months away from the election plus she absolutely hit the panic switch by resorting to the oldest, many cynical attack in the Obama playbook to scare Kentucky seniors," mentioned Allison Moore, McConnell's spokeswoman. "The simple fact is that Sen. McConnell has fought to safeguard Medicare, while Alison Lundergan Grimes and her political benefactors have raided it by $700 billion to pay for Obamacare." Sam Youngman: (502) 875-3793. Twitter: @samyoungman. Blog: Bluegrasspolitics.bloginky.com. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Reddit E-mail Print Order a reprint of this story Join The Conversation Lexington Herald-Leader is pleased to offer this opportunity to share information, experiences plus observations regarding what's inside the news.

Rockets hit Israeli heartland as offensive begins - Yahoo News

Robles, 40, was weak and sore a day following the attack close to the Manhattan Beach pier, he told CNN. Robles mentioned he was inside a "complete state of panic" whenever he came face to face with all the 7-foot shark, but "pure instinct" kicked in. "I saw this shark eye to eye, staring at me because it was crunching into my torso." He grabbed its nose plus pried it away from his torso, he mentioned. The shark, which a fire official said was a juvenile fantastic white, immediately swam away plus didn't return, Robles mentioned. "Shark was crunching into my chest" The fantastic white was apparently agitated after struggling for the lifetime for the previous half hr before the attack on Robles. A fisherman whom used chum to attract sharks to the pier had cut it loose following hooking it yet failing to land it, Robles mentioned. Marine biologist Eric Martin told CNN affiliate KABC it likely had been a "response bite" by the juvenile shark plus "the swimmer only happened to be at the wrong spot at the wrong time." "I thought 'Oh, my God, this might be it, I'm gonna die," Robles said. However the shark's bite was not deep, sparing Robles' ribs plus organs, he said. "It wasn't a full-size bite," mentioned Capt. Tracy Lizlotte, a lifeguard for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The scars to his psyche can be deeper.

Nightmares haunt swimmer bitten by great white shark - CNN.com

Both were intercepted by the "Iron Dome" rocket protection program, with the next shown on live TV, as a winding plume of smoke followed the interceptor into the black skies, culminating with a flash. Late Tuesday, Hamas mentioned it fired four rockets toward Jerusalem, and 2 distant booms were heard from the city's center. Three rockets landed in the Jerusalem location, officials said, plus police said there were no injuries. The Israeli military said one rocket exploded inside the northern Israeli city of Hadera, regarding 100 kilometers (60 miles) from Gaza, in the farthest distance a rocket from Gaza has reached thus far. It caused no injuries, the military added. With its brand-new reach, Hamas' rockets have an estimated 5 million folks more than half of Israel's population inside range. Hamas said it had selected a fresh rocket called the R-160 after 1 of its leaders, Abdel Rantisi, that was killed last decade. Raw: Israeli Airstrike Kills 10 in Gaza Strip Play Video In other violence, the Israeli military said it foiled Gaza militants that tried to infiltrate a military base inside southern Israel by sea. Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a military spokesman, mentioned 4 attackers came ashore and attacked the base with grenades plus automatic rifles before they were killed. An Israeli soldier was slightly wounded. As Israel built up forces along the edge, the government authorized the military to activate about 40,000 reservists. The military mentioned which regarding 1,000 soldiers were instantly activated, inside addition to an earlier group of 1,500 reservists called into action.

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